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To reach your PIQ (/pēk/), sometimes you have to get out on The Edge. Sometimes you have to get uncomfortable to break unhealthy routines and habits so that you can then live with and enjoy greater comfort.

Join this unique email series from our founder, Dave Darby, and you’ll read and hear weekly lessons of how he overcame poverty, abuse, and insecurities to build a thriving life, family, and community legacy. He’ll leave you with breadcrumbs of how you can do the same in your life. This weekly email is FREE!


Our influences are rooted in the traditional social sciences of philosophy, psychology, sociology, and even economics. From the minds of Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, Abraham Maslow, Aristotle, BF Skinner, John Maynard Keynes, John Locke, Marcus Aurelius, and John Nash, our founder Dave Darby is adding new models that connect the workings (and trappings) of the human mind and neurotransmitters with socialized, regulated outcomes and game theory.

While rather academic in study and research, the delivery and lessons themselves are successful for one reason: a simplified delivery that anybody from any walk of life can relate to, understand, and execute.

What are The Benefits of a High PIQ?

Besides more time, money, and influence listed above, the families and individuals living high PIQ lifestyles also enjoy the following rewards:



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When the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change, people will make changes. If you need proof of concept, need to talk to our mentors, go ahead and call. We’ll give you a free introductory call just to feel safe and learn more about our fruits.